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Stuff My Stocking 2018 Day 8

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Stuff My Stocking 
Day 8

Greetings! Its Day 8 of STUFF MY STOCKING at the New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe! This is the eighth of 12 special offers - one each day from now until December 8th (no specials will be sent on Sundays).To take advantage of the special price, all you need to do is click on the link and tell us to "STUFF MY STOCKING"Be sure to leave your FULL NAME and Phone Number. Please request which daily special you can't live without...Quilting, Knitting or Both!!! We will be sending a new email each day with the special item of the day. Feel free to purchase only the items you would like to have. The special deal for each of the items is only available until the next email so be sure to check your emails each day! After December 13th, stop by the store to pick up your loot or better yet...send a SANTA!  If you want to participate but live a distance away, we will be happy to ship these items to you (we will add the shipping charges). This is the perfect way to get what you want for Christmas and save $$$, too! You know that your family wants you to have just what you want so ...COME ON...JOIN THE FUN and tell them you are doing the shopping for them! 
  Day 8 Quilting 
Endurance Rotary Replacement Blade 

Retains cutting edge two times longer while cutting fabric before dulling. 
You create projects to a last a lifetime and our new OLFA Endurance Rotary Replacement Blade cuts twice as long and fits all Olfa 45mm Rotary cutters. 
Regular Price: $12.99
Stuff My Stocking Special: $9.99

Day 8 Knitting
The Knitter's Helper


 This little kit has items in it to make the life of a knitter or crocheter easier! There is a row counter that you can wear on your finger or thumb, so you don't have to put your project down to keep everything up to date! A package of 30 mixed colors of silicone stitch markers that works on needle sizes 4-8 US. Also included is 3 Yarn Corsets. What they do is keep your beautiful ball of yarn under control so that it's not unraveling as you're working! Last but not least, there are 3 hang tags made from cardboard with a metal ring, with a locking stitch marker attached to each one. If you are going to leave a project unfinished for a while, you can record the name of the pattern or any other information you'll need to jog your memory when it comes time to pick your project up and finish! 


Regular Price: $9.25
Sale Price $7.99 

To take advantage of the special price, all you need to do is click and tell us to "STUFF MY STOCKING!"
Don't forget to include your FULL NAME & Phone number and which daily special you just can not live without...Quilting, Knitting, or BOTH!!!

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I will be back, with another special tomorrow!
Sincerely, Jody
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