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Stuff My Stocking 2018 Wrap-Up

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New Ewe Stuff My Stocking

Stuff My Stocking 
Wrap -Up

We had a lot of fun in the past two weeks doing the Stuff My Stocking.
I personally enjoyed corresponding with many of you!

Your goody bag is mostly ready for you or your loved one to come and pick-up on Thursday, December 13th.
 Because of the great response on a few items, we are waiting on re-orders from our suppliers... scheduled to arrive towards the end of the week.  
Feel free to call the store with any questions on your order.

Please try to pick them up no later than the end of 2018 or call the store and make arrangements.

OOPs...Super Sorry
I'm resending DAY 12 Specials

I priced the Yarn Special wrong...I looked at another day pricing instead of day 12 (much better price for you!!!). Pricing will ring correctly on the orders so no worries if you already have it in your goody bag.
I didn't want to leave the quilter's out so I lowered the price on the flannel set too. Just reply to the link below if interested and we will add to your bag.

Day 12 Quilting

Animals on Flannel
3 Yard Bundle



This sweet bundle includes 3 one yard cuts of adorable animal print flannels! You will receive one yard each of yellow, blue and pink flannels covered with the cutest little critters!
Looking for some inspiration? Here is a quick little video demo showing you how to get 3 easy baby quilts from 3 one yard cuts of fabric!

Regular Price: $35.97
Stuff My Stocking Special: $21.99


Day 12 Knitting
Classic Shades Big Time Yarn 
Free Cog Shawlette Pattern


(A) Grapevine
(B) Rainforest
(C) Smoky Denim

 Classic Shades Big Time Yarn
70% Acrylic 30% Wool

Have fun knitting this cute shawlette sideways!  You'll be amazed at how quickly it works up!  The directions include a section of short row shaping, making this a unique and fun to knit project - plus you'll love this soft, self-shading BIG yarn.

Please include your color choice:

(A) Grapevine
(B) Rainforest
(C) Smoky Denim
Regular Price: $25.50 for the set
Sale Price $19.99 for the 2 skeins & Free Pattern

Please note due to stock on products - some item's colors may vary from the picture. To take advantage of the special price, all you need to do is click and tell us to STUFF MY SOCKING!
Don't forget to include your FULL NAME & Phone number and which daily special you just can not live without...Quilting, Knitting, or BOTH!!!

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The New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe!

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