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Let's Show the Love to our Hospital Staff: New Update 2/5

Quilts of Valor "Quilt Blocks"
Show The Love!
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We would like to show the staff at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont our appreciation. We are all aware of how Covid 19 has recently impacted Western Michigan, including 
Newaygo County and Gerber Memorial Hospital. We continue to read how the people who work and volunteer there – including medical personnel, custodians, and administrative staff - are feeling overwhelmed. The last couple of months have been especially difficult for them with no letup in-sight over the next couple of months. We can’t directly help with their workload, but we can encourage, recognize, and support them in various ways so they know we are aware of all that they are doing for our communities and of the toll it is taking on them.

We have been searching, thinking, and praying for ways to let them know we care about them. We have decided to put together some appreciation bags for them and we need your help!

e are asking all of you who love to work with fabric and/or yarn to help us create simple bags to fill with goodies! Below you will find links to the free patterns we are using for this project. These bags will create lovely packaging for the rest of the goodies as well as be re-useable. Hopefully, every time they use it they will remember how very appreciated they are! Remember that these bags will be gifted to both male and female staff members so a variety of fabrics are needed. The sewing pattern is fast and easy and 2 bags can be made out of a fat quarter and some ribbon! The knitting pattern only requires about 100 yards of worsted weight yarn.
Free Knitting Pattern

Free Sewing Pattern

We are also in need of donations to fill our bags!
We have been in contact with the hospital foundation about what items can be donated as well as what would be most appreciated by staff and here is what we have come up with:
-Snack items: All items must be store-bought, individually packaged, and non-perishable. (IE: granola bars, protein bars, crackers, fruit cups, trail mix, etc..)
-Small individual bottles of lotion and hand sanitizer
-Pens: they would prefer pens that click in and out with no caps

Item Updates:
-Sewed or Knitted Bags: We have passed our minimum goal for our bags!!! THANK YOU!!! The bags that are above our initial goal will allow us to expand our net of giving!!
-Snacks: we could still use more snacks to fill our extra bags!
(we are planning on including a few snacks in each bag)
-Lotions: now that we have more bags to fill we would welcome more lotions.
-Other Personal Items: More Chapsticks, hand sanitizer, and kleenex would be much appreciated.
-Pens: we could still use more pens

Special thank you to our customers who have donated currency, we appreciate it so much!!!
A perfect way for us to shop for the remaining items needed.

We will be gathering donations at the New Ewe. Please have all donations to the store by Saturday, February 20th.
We will then stuff the bags and deliver them to the hospital.

Our goal is to create and pack approximately 175 bags so that none of our frontline hospital workers at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital are left out. Please help us reach our goal!!

THANK YOU for supporting this project!!!

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor is sponsoring a National Sew event again this year. While we won't be getting together to sew, our local chapter has dropped off some pre-cut block kits. You can pick them up here at the New Ewe and then return them to us finished by the end of February to be made into quilts!
We are giving away a free fat quarter for each completed block. Thank you so much for your help with this project!  

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