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Block of the Month: Month 1


We Have a BOM Starting Date! 


The time is here!

Our Block of the Month fabric has arrived and it is lovely! We've been busily getting the first kits cut and they will be ready for you to pick up starting 
Monday, October 4th! 

You may pick up your kit anytime (starting Monday or later), but Chris will be here and be available to offer any tips and tricks for this month's block on Monday or Saturday (October 9th).

We are so excited to see these blocks get started! Don't forget to join the New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe Group on Facebook and share pictures of your block progress with us (just for fun, we love to see what everyone is working on)! If you need your block kit mailed you can call us at the shop to coordinate that, 231-652-5262. 

The first block is called "Marbles" and here is some fun information about the inspiration for the block:

Block 1 Marbles

The game of marbles is believed to have been around for centuries. Indeed, round stones have been found in the Great Pyramids. Mass production of marbles began in Germany in the 1800s, but production stopped with the beginning of World War I. The decade that spanned the late 1920s and 1930s is referred to by collectors as the Golden Age of Marbles. That’s when West Virginia companies such as Master Marble, Vitro Agate, Alox Manufacturing, and Champion Agate went into business and made a profit, even during a time in America when thousands of other businesses failed. Between the 1920s and the 1940s, marbles were produced by several companies. They contained brightly colored slags, swirls, corkscrews, and agates. In 1926, the Peltier Glass factory in Ottawa, Illinois, produced a series of marbles with the faces of comic strip characters. These included Bimbo, Little Orphan Annie, Sandy, Moon Mullins, Kayo, Emma, Skeezix, Betty, Herbie, Smitty, and Andy Gump. In the 1950s, the U.S. marble companies could no longer compete with the cat’s-eyes marbles made in Japan that flooded the market.



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