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Block of the Month: Month 2


BOM 2...Ready for You


Our second block of the month is
ready for you to pick up on 

Monday, November 1st
Saturday, November 6th 

You may pick up your kit anytime (starting Monday or later), but Chris will be here and be available to offer any tips and tricks for this month's block on Monday or Saturday
(November 1st & 6th).

The second block is called "Radio Show" and here is some fun information about the golden age of radio.

Block 2 - Radio Show

The 1930s was a golden age in radio. It provided a great source of entertainment with much-loved comedians such as Jack Benny and Fred Allen making their names on the wireless.
It marked the advent of the soap opera, a running story that people could return to, with characters they could sympathize with.
One series was Our Gal Sunday, about a small-town girl finding love with a wealthy Englishman.
It had the young women of the country glued to their radios.
Some radio programs were a source of inspiration, with heroes like the Lone Ranger and The Shadow getting embroiled in deadly capers. For some, they also promoted "old-fashioned American family values" and gave people a model to live by.
The radio provided a way to communicate like never before.
It made the news more accessible to the masses and brought "life" to current affairs in a way newspapers couldn't.
President Franklin Roosevelt's "fireside chats" helped people feel closer to their president than ever.

We are so excited to see these blocks get started!
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