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Stuff My Stocking 2021 Day 7

Day 7 at the New Ewe!!!
 Stuff My Stocking 2021

Greetings! It's Day 7 of Stuff My Stocking
at the New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe!
This is the LAST day of special offers!  
To take advantage of the special price, all you need to do is click on the link and we'll prepare your selections! 

Be sure to leave your FULL NAME and
Phone Number. 

Please request which daily special you can't live without...Quilting, Knitting, or Both!!!

Feel free to purchase as many items as you'd like. 
The special deal for each of the items is only available until the next email so be sure to check your emails daily! 
If you want to participate but live a distance away, we will be happy to ship your purchases (we will add the shipping charges).

Details on when "Stuff MY Stocking" items are ready will come later through an email.

This is the perfect way to get what you want for Christmas and save $$$ too!
You know that your family wants you to have just what you want so...COME ON...JOIN THE FUN and tell them you are doing the shopping for them!

Some items have a limited supply - reply early!

Wrap-Up Email will be coming in the next few days and we'll give you the pick-up date/shipping!

Day 7 Quilting
Perfectly Adjustable Ruler 3" x 24"

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Adjustable Ruler 3" x 24" This ingenious ruler is in one package. The five-piece ruler easily snaps together to form a 6", 12", 18", or 24" length. It has clear & accurate markings along with 30, 45, & 60, degrees angle markings. You'll love it at home or on the go.
It will be your perfect travel companion.
All the pieces pack nicely in the felt bag enclosed in the package.
For storage we recommend you snap the small end cap onto a larger piece so it does not get lost.

Check out the New Ewe website  

Regular Price: $25.95

Stuff My Stocking: $19.99

Day 7 Knitting
Mindful Accessory Bundle


Bundle includes Mindful Tape Measure,
Mindful Mega markers & Mindful Row Counter

Mindful Tape Measure Pretty color-coordinated colored case with push-button for fast retraction. Soft case with 60" measuring tape coordinates.

Mega Markers - is a design assortment of 100 color-coded stitch markers in locking, split, & 3 ring shapes. Super Value Mega Pack comes with 20 markers in each shape, covering all needle sizes. All 5 types of markers are offered in different shades of teal for easy spotting & reference. Packed in endearing pouches made of see-through sheer fabric so that the markers are visible. A multi-use teal-colored fabric bag conveniently holds all the pouches.

Mindful Row Counter - Helps keep track of rows. Easy to see numbers. Teal-colored case with a mandala design on top.
Packaged in drawstring cotton case.


Regular Price: $28.75
Stuff My Stocking: $22.99

To take advantage of the special price, all you need to do is click and we'll prepare your selections! 
Don't forget to include your FULL NAME & Phone number and which daily special you just can not live without...Quilting, Knitting, or BOTH!!!

Today is the Last day of Stuff My Stocking
at the New Ewe.
We have had so much fun preparing the sets & goodies for each day of this event! 
Many of you have emailed to tell us how you have looked forward to the daily emails to see what was coming next.
Thank you so much for participating!
We hope that you will enjoy each of the items that you have selected. 
Happy Knitting & Stitching!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Sincerely, Jody, Jan, Erin, Pat & Chris
 New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe

Wrap-Up Email will be coming in the next few days and we'll give you the pick-up date/shipping!

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