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Block of the Month: Month 11


BOM 11...Hop Scotch 


Our Eleventh Block of the month is
ready for you to pick up starting

Monday, August 1
The eleventh block is called "Hop Scotch" and here is some fun information about one of the oldest games. 

Block 11 - Hop Scotch 

Hopscotch dates back to ancient times. During the period of the Roman Empire, hopscotch courts were over 100 feet long and used for military training. Foot soldiers ran the course in full armor and field packs to improve their footwork. It was similar to the way today’s football players run through rows of tires. Roman children drew their own smaller courts in imitation of the soldiers and added a scoring system. “Hopscotch” spread throughout Europe. The game is still played in much the same way by children all over the world. During the Great Depression, children often had few toys, if any, so hopscotch provided them with hours of fun and exercise. They could draw a hopscotch court in the dirt or on the sidewalk with chalk or the edge of a stone

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