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Block of the Month: Month 12


BOM 12...Kites 


Our Twelve Block of the month is
ready for you to pick up starting

Wednesday, September 6th
The twelve quilt block is called "Kites" 
One of the most entertaining toys for all ages. 

Block 12 - Kites

Kites originated in China and their history dates back to about the year 800. The earliest kites were made from silk and bamboo. During the 1930s, kites were an easy medium for advertising. And selling ads made them more affordable for the population suffering from the Great Depression. They were a treasured toy for both boys and girls. Kites often got children outside and out of their mother’s hair. It did not take a lot of training to fly a kite. During this time, several quilt patterns inspired by kites also were developed. Kites have been used by the military and for entertainment for all ages. Kite festivals continue around the country today.
They offer a visual delight with the varied colors and shapes rising effortlessly into the sky     

Make An Easy Dresden Quilt Video

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