Stuff My Stocking 
Day 11

Greetings! Its Day 11 of STUFF MY STOCKING at the New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe.
This is one of 12 special offers - one each day from now until December 9th for special discounted items (no specials will be sent on Sundays). 

To take advantage of the special price, all you need to do is click on the link and tell us to "STUFF MY STOCKING"

Be sure to leave your FULL NAME and phone number. 

Please request which daily special you can't live without...Quilting, Knitting or Both!!!

We will be sending a new email each day with the special item of the day. 

Feel free to purchase only the items you would like to have. 
The special deal for each of the items is only available until the next email so be sure to check your emails each day! 
After December 13th, stop by the store to pick up your loot or better yet...
send a SANTA! 
If you want to participate but live a distance away we will be happy to ship these items to you (we will add the shipping charges).
This is the perfect way to get what you want for Christmas and save $$$ too!
You know that your family wants you to have just what you want so ...COME ON...JOIN THE FUN and tell them you are doing the shopping for them!

Day 11 Quilting

Soft & Bright - Baby Size 45" x 60" 

Soft & Bright consists of premium grade polyester fibers, needle-punched into a strong paper thin based material that holds the fibers in place, keeping the batting even and consistent. The high-quality polyester fiber is soft and fluffy to the touch. The evenly layered fibers of Soft & Bright will stay in place inside your quilt and will keep its shape even after a lifetime of gentle washing. The thin base material holds the fiber in place preventing slipping and making free motion quilting a breeze! Top & and backing fabric will cling to Soft & Bright as it is fed through your machine, making basting spray a thing of the past. It can be quilted or tied up to 10" apart so you can finish quilts and runners even faster! Machine wash and dry finished quilts without shrinkage and is preferred for use in children's quilts as they required more frequent washing and dry so quickly.


Regular Price: $6.25

Stuff My Stocking Special: $4.99

Day 11 Knitting 
Himalaya Socks


(A) Ruth 

(B) Ocean Mist

Need a quick gift?
These already-made socks use quality hand-knitting yarns for great quality and a handmade look!
The package contains one pair of wool socks (S/M) fits women's size 6-9. 
Machine wash and dry. Made of a hardwearing blend of superwash wool and polyamide, these socks will comfort and pamper any feet! 

Regular Price: $13.25
Stuff My Stocking Special $9.99

Please include choice(s) of color

(A) Ruth
(B) Ocean Mist


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To take advantage of the special price, all you need to do is click and tell us to "STUFF MY STOCKING!" (Don't forget to include your FULL NAME & Phone number) and which daily special you just can not live without...Quilting, Knitting, or BOTH!!!

I will be back with another special Monday!

Sincerely, Jody
The New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe


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