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Rasta by Malabrigo - Super Bulky

Yarn > Rasta by Malabrigo - Super Bulky

Rasta - A lightly-fulled single-ply yarn of magnum portions! Whip out a super-cozy accessory in just hours with this super-sized delight of a yarn. This premium Uruguayan Merion is just as soft as ever, and Rasta comes in a range of unique " watercolor Multi" colorways as well as a rainbow of semi-solid basis.
Unbelievable squishy, this is the yarn to turn to when you want the ultimate in warmth (or the ultimate in speed!)
Great for - Quick knits, textured stitches, hat, cowls, scarves, outerwear.

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Rasta 052 Paris Night


Rasta 412 Teal Feather


Rasta 416 Indiecita


Rasta 696 Whole Grain


Rasta 703 Blossom


Rasta 706 Cosmos


Rasta 849 Sombras


Rasta 86 Verde Azul


Rasta 864 Porrinho



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